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News and Events to Share With You!
Where did 2014 go? What a year it was!

It's always amazing to me how quickly a year can fly by.  One minute it's January and before you know it, the flowers have come and gone, the leaves have fallen and we are once again pulling out the shovels to start pushing the snow around.  2014 was no different! I have a few pictures to share on our website but we want to extend a huge "Thank You" again to all our loyal customers that have sent a steady stream of quality referrals to Petersham Pump Company.  Your continued support and kind works of Travis's quality work mean so much to us.  I am fairly biased being the "wife behind the scenes" but I can put a solid stamp of approval on Travis's work.  I have seen him run out late at night to help a customer, take a no-water call after 2am, he has rushed out on Sundays at dinnertime, cut vacations short and put his customers first nearly 100% of the time.  His work is quality and no corners are cut.  He very much cares about his customers and the work he does!  Again, thank you for your business and spreading the good word around about Petersham Pump Company.

We had a few fun things happen this year and I'll post some pictures at the end of this blog. In May, we adopted a very tiny and very adorable goat (with a bad leg) and we named her Piper.  Yes, that brings our family clan of animals up to a whopping 9.  That is enough for us!  Travis affectionately calls her "Baby Goat" and she has been a fun addition this past year.

We again took part in the Petersham 4th of July parade with our horses and friends and we provided free bottled water and freeze pops. In addition, we supported our local community this year including NEECA, CNEER, Mass Quarter Horse Association, St.Peter's Church, The Nimrod League, The Lions Club and Quabbin Regional High School. 

In the Fall, we also took a road trip home from Nebraska, where Travis picked up his new crane truck.  It's been quite a project getting it ready for work but it's going to really expand the services that Petersham Pump Company can offer.  As always, there were also lots of new water filtration systems and water wells drilled in the area. We are looking forward to warmer weather for sure and here's to a happy and healthy 2015 for all!

The winner so far for the BEST location where Petersham Pump has been to drill a well!
GASP!  I just love this location.  When Travis sent me this picture, that's exactly what I did...I gasped in awe!  One of our customers, Stephanie, had this building moved from North Orange and set it on her farm where is has been refurbished. The result is just outstanding.  I wish I had been in the area to stop by this day!  Thank you Stephanie, for letting us share this picture on the website.
What's been going on for the Summer of 2013?
There's always a lot going on!  One of my favorite things about the summer is being out in the community and seeing more and more people who recognize Petersham Pump.  You really can't miss the bright red truck and Travis is always out and about conversing with someone. The summer started off with a lot of calls for new wells - everyone seemed to have a "To-Do" list to get completed.  One of the most memorable nights this summer for Petersham Pump was the call Travis received at 1:30am from someone with no water. Sure enough, he was out to fix it as soon as daylight hit.  As usual, we also joined the fun at the Petersham 4th of July parade and the horses and our friends joined us as well. Our fairly new Draft/Paint cross, Rocky,  was a handful with all the commotion while our Hanoverian, Summit, seemed to care less about any of it. Our favorite girls (we like to believe we can adopt them), Emily and Mallory tossed out bags and bags of candy. Oh, did I say "tossed"?  Ahem...they sat on the back of the truck and handed it out.  That's right!  Petersham Pump was also very happy to help in the "Restore the Store" event that occurred at the center of town on July 27th. We donated the bottled water and really enjoyed seeing SO many people in town as well as many customers. Actually, I barely saw Mr. Chatterbox until I needed to find him to pay for the two Silkie Bantam chickens I won from The Golden Egg Farm in Hardwick, MA. We have yet to name them...any ideas?  We still have a month left of summer so there's plenty of sunshine to still enjoy!
Lots and lots of rain but Spring 2013 is finally here!
I can finally say that Spring is here!  Along with the change of season came a whole bunch of rain. So much for starting a garden on time...but it's still better than snow.  Travis is back at it with his fantastic hand pumps. If you haven't had a chance to check them out, please do so on our hand pump webpage. We have been getting more and more interest on them because they are such a realistic solution to water when you live in a rural area.  It seems like the power goes out so often and at such random times. For those who have animals who need a steady flow of water, these hand pumps are a wonderful solution!  Ironically, Travis had one call from a potential customer who thought the same thing. Unfortunately, he lived in Michigan. I would have taken a road trip!
Happy Holidays as we come to the end of 2012!
We finally have our first snow fall in Petersham!  Travis had a full day of plowing and the animals were all entertained with the backhoe and plow. Petersham Pump has had a steady stream of wells to be drilled this year, water filter systems to be put in and plenty of repeat customers who need filters re-bed or water filter cartridges changed. We had a fantastic 2012 which meant there were lots and lots of Christmas cards to be mailed out!  The community and surrounding towns have been really good to us and we appreciate everyone's business so much.  The majority of our business is from referrals and that says a whole lot about Travis's high quality work.  In return, Petersham Pump has been very generous in giving back to the community as well.  Thank you everyone and we wish you all a very healthy and prosperous 2013!
What's Going On This Winter? Petersham Pump Now Offers Hand Pumps!
After the October 2011 snow storm, many customers in Central MA were unfortunately left without water for an extended period of time. Petersham Pump Co. was called to action!  One customer in particular needed to have Round-the-Clock access to clean water for their animals, so they are prepared when disaster strikes.  To solve their water issue, Travis built and installed a table with a stainless-steel Bison Hand Pump mounted to it.  This setup now allows the customer to have electricity-free water 24/7.  Petersham Pump is a distributor of Bison Hand Pumps so please give us a call if you are in need of one! 
Petersham Pump Co. Welcomes a New Addition To the Family!
Welcome Quackers and Dixie!  We now have one Muschovy and one Pekin duck who are keeping Summit company out in the barn.  They are both very friendly and are lots of fun to watch.  One thing we have noticed is that they also enjoy having clean, artesian well water!
Summer Is Here and It's a Hot One!
What a hot summer it has been!  Petersham Pump recently worked in Templeton for a very friendly and fun homeowner. Travis enjoyed the company he had as he worked in the front yard. We had to share this with everyone - it's a fabulous piece of art!
Petersham Pump is Ready for Spring!

It was blissful to watch the snow melt away with the coming of Spring.  Yet all that extra water sure kept Petersham Pump busy!  Sump pump installations were in demand and we were happy to be of immediate service to our customers.  You may have seen the truck in Gardner, Templeton, Millbury, Holden and of course, right here in Petersham.  If you need help with a water test, if you have low water pressure, need a water filtration system, a new well for drinking water or irrigation purposes, or any other water needs, please call us.  We will travel!  As a reminder, be sure to look for our colorful ad in the Yellow Pages as well as on placemats at various restaurants in Central Massachusetts.  We love to know how you heard about us and of course, if we provided you with exceptional service, spread the word to others! Happy Spring, everyone!
Brrrrrrr...It's Winter!!
Oh, the weather outside may be frightful but that doesn't slow us down here, at Petersham Pump Company!  We have still been busy with new filter systems, "no water" calls, service work, and we just got in the last well before the hard-core weather hit.  And of course, there has been plenty of snow removal to keep the truck running. We are still open for business, whatever the weather may be!  Stay warm everyone and start thinking about your Spring projects.  How about irrigation in your garden?  Call us to put in a frost-free hydrant for you!
Enjoying Fall in New England
With New England's climate being so unpredictable, it has yet to be seen how long this beautiful foliage will last.  For now, our days are still warm and pleasant and it's the perfect weather to be out working in. The snow will be flying before we know it though and Petersham Pump will be adding snow removal into the schedule. For now, we are enjoying the colors and the mild temperature!
End Of Summer Thoughts...2010
Have you checked your cartridge filter lately?  Does your pump need an annual service?  The best quality water comes from a well maintained pump system. Old well caps or improperly sealed well caps can allow insects and rodents to enter your well which can cause bacteria to fester.  Make sure you inspect and change your well cap.  Call Petersham Pump for an annual check-up!