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Bison Water Hand Pumps
Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of having a prolonged power outage with no access to clean water? Having a private water supply via a residential or commercial well is certainly enjoyable but not when you can't access it!  Those who live in a rural area, are off-the-grid or perhaps own a remote cottage or hunting/fishing cabin know exactly what we are referring to. Now imagine having your own hand water pump which you could directly access to ease the pain.  You would never have to worry about having clean, fresh water for yourself, your family and even your animals!

Petersham Pump Company can help with your needs so you will never need to worry again.  We are a dealer for Bison Hand Pumps, which are the best in the industry. Bison Pumps has designed hand-operated deep well pumps to be installed in the same well casing with your electric pump or as a stand-alone installation.  Shallow well pumps are also available for inside homes and pumphouses where freezing is not an issue. These pumps are handcrafted to be of high quality, durable and affordable to provide years of dependable, uninterrupted access to a precious water supply.  Even better, they made right here in New England, in the beautiful state of Maine. They have been featured on Extreme Makeover - Home Edition, WLBZ Channel 2 and on the TV show, "Made in Maine". Petersham Pump has installed them and the end result is efficiency, peace of mind and they look fantastic!